Our Story

Nancy and Arite Toulis had a plan when they bought the Maple Corner Store in 2007.

To make a welcoming place that neighbors could gather and talk......about their neighbors.

Just kidding.


The plan was the same when they decided to open the Whammy Bar.  Create a  place where neighbors (and folks from neighboring towns, to keep it interesting) could get together and have fun.


Nancy's roots are deep in Maple Corner.  Over 200 years deep, and Artie grew up

In his parents restaurants,  The Acropolis in Essex Jct, and The Airport Restaurant in

Burlington.  It seemed like a good fit.


Today you can visit the Whammy Bar where  we put together Artie’s love of

guitars, music, and  making good food,  with Nancy’s love of music and  natural instinct

and ability to throw a good party.


Come and join in the fun and check out the Whammy Bar experience!